GV Exclusive BF3 Desktop Background

February 12, 2011 1 comment

Still hanging around after our nearly one year absence? Mad props! Here’s a reward. It’s nothing, really, but I really appreciate the trickle traffic GV has still been getting for one reason or another!


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Bad Company 2 Mocking COD Series

March 11, 2010 Leave a comment

By Eric Lott

As I continue to progress in the campaign of Battlefield Bad Company 2, I keep noticing that there are similarities in a few memorable moments in Call of Duty 4, and Call of Duty 5. I don’t want to spoil the Bad Company campaign for you, so I’ll just keep it fairly vague. There have been at least 4 different times I have noticed extreme similarities, 3 cliches which can be linked to the COD series, and a few references to the COD series including the heart beat censor and snow mobile races from MW2.

Unrelated: There may also be a Heroes reference when talking about saving the world, Sweetwater mentions Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders (Save the cheerleader, Save the world) Possibly unintentional.

Cutting Down the Competition: Bad Company 2 and your Knife

By Bobby Morgan

I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s rage party, but Bad Company 2 has a feature called “Knife Skill”. I haven’t read anything about it online, but I’ve seen it in-game. Basically, the more you use your knife, the better you get with it. Just keep trying, Knife Skill II has a noticeably faster swing. Before you know it you’ll be shanking harder than your favorite deprived convict.

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My First Bad Company 2 Rage Quit Story

March 9, 2010 2 comments

By Eric Lott

If you’ve played Bad Company 2 chances are, you’ve used the combat knife. Wait! I take that back. Chances are you’ve TRIED to us the combat knife. That is if you can find what button to hit to use it. Since it’s as sharp as bubble wrap there’s no point in even using it to do anything other than break down doors! Anyway, I was running along a snow-covered field when i happen across a sniper! Free kill, right? Yeah, if you blow him away with a gun. I walk up to him and stab him. I miss. Click it again, swing and miss. By the time I can even get my gun back out to unload on him, I get dropped by a different sniper. This is happening all over the place! Apparently the butter knife they equip you with is only good for the sweet animation that goes along with it. I hate that the knife in the first Bad Company was just perfectly fine, and the sequal comes out and it’s trash. I’m no game developer, but how hard could it be to take something that works and use it again?!

Here’s a quick video by iVACUiTY showing exactly what I’m talking about (Click here for video). Listen around 0:16 and you can hear what sounds like someone saying “Just die already!” I thought that was pretty ironic.

Scribblenauts 2 Coming in Fall 2010

March 9, 2010 1 comment

By Eric Lott

The sequel to WB Games massively creative and unique game Scribblenauts was announced today to release in the fall of 2010. No major details have been announced, however I can only predict that there will be a whole grocery list of new words supported this time around.

For those of you not familiar with the original game, the main premise of the game was to complete levels using words that you type in such as parachute, latter, and so on. The game was very fun which is not surprising considering the time and creativity it must have taken to put this game together.

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Erklott: An Introduction

March 8, 2010 1 comment

By Eric Lott

Hello! My name is Eric ‘Erk’ Lott. I play video games (a lot) and have a certain forced passion for writing. Today, or tonight rather, those two worlds collided. I was on the Scottsboro High School journalism staff for half of my high school life and I grew to enjoy writing short articles. What I realized right away was that unless something interested me, I wasn’t going to write about it. That’s when I started writing about what motivates me. My first major game review was on Modern Warfare 2 and it was published in the school paper. It felt good knowing that almost 500 people read my review. Getting compliments for writing encourages me to keep on doing it. One day I might work for a paper or a website, you never know how things work out.

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Top 10 XP Tactics for Bad Company 2

March 8, 2010 2 comments

By Eric Lott

After two months of near constant game play, I finally removed Modern Warfare 2 from my Xbox 360 disc tray this past week.

I’ve said long before MW2‘s release that I can NOT wait for Battlefield Bad Company 2 to come out, and the time has finally arrived!

Being a veteran in the tactical Battlefield series, I will now tell you how to squeeze as many points out of those LONG matches in Bad Company 2 as possible.

(In no particular order)

1. Med Kits
In BC2 medics play an enormous role on the battlefield. Healing and reviving players is a great way to gain massive points.
Each med kit has the potential of getting you around 300 points a pop. Lay them down behind cover that is NON-destructible, and between the firefight and your team’s spawn. If you have it unlocked, use the medic’s ability to increase the med kit’s range. A squad heal is worth 20 points, and a team heal is worth 10. They will stay where you placed them until you throw down a new one, or once it runs out by players using it. If you have a kit thrown down that’s not getting you points, throw down a new one.

2. Ammo Kits
Same deal as med kits, only this is where you get the big points. Throw ammo kits around on rooftops, or an other sniper perch. Recon classes use more ammo than they have, that’s where you come in. If everything’s quiet, get a squad mate to camp your kit and lob random greandes, each one will get you 20 points, and who knows, he might get a kill.

3. Tracker Darts
Want 30 points? Shoot a tank with a dart. Done. No explanation.

4. Tagging
Tagging an enemy (Back or Select) will get you 10 assist points (20 for squad) even if you don’t fire a shot. If the assist is forĀ  defense/offense kill you get 40 additional points. Totaling 50/60 points for clicking ONE BUTTON!

5. Tactical Markers
ever see that spinning thing around objectives? Click back/select and it will set that objective as your squads main objective. Whenever you defend/attack this point you get 10 extra points.

6. Motion Tracker
Throw these around objectives ALWAYS! If that objective is marked as the squad objective (see #5) and an objective assist (see #4) you can get somewhere around 100 points (40 assist+40 assist+20 objective).

7. UAV
Never feel bad about cutting in line to claim the UAV (unless you can’t fly it). Marking enemies while in the air can get you around 100 points. Using your Hellfire strike plus mounted heavy gun can get you an additional 100 points (depending on how good you are). Just don’t get shot down! Use the triggers to drop down quickly when you’re under fire!

8. Vehicles
Simply driving squad mates around can get you anywhere from 40-60 points per kill. Be safe, down get blown up! Request someone from your squad to repair you if you’re hurting.

9. Repair
Repairing vehicles can get you massive points! It’s also tremendously tactical. An Engineer class’s drill repairing a vehicle will make the difference of who wins that tank battle.

10. Do good
There are all sorts of medals out there to win just for doing all these things above! The more cooperatively you play, the more points you’ll get!